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Handling a firearm is a highlight of every young scout's journey. As they pursue these activities with enthusiasm, we realize that developing safety and respect are equally important as technique. That's why at Camp Shands you'll find a highly skilled, NRA professionally trained and certified shooting sports staff. Match these with superb facilities and equipment and you'll be sure to agree that Camp Shands has a shooting sports program second to none.

Merit Badges


Shotgun Shooting Merit Badge

A shotgun is a precision instrument, designed to shoot a shot charge in a specific pattern to cover a designated area at a certain distance. Unlike a rifle, the bore of the shotgun is not rifled, so the shot emerging from the muzzle is not spinning.


Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Unless a rifle is handled incorrectly or recklessly, it is not dangerous. A rifle, like any other precision instrument, is manufactured to perform a specific task and can do so at no risk to the user or others. By earning this badge, Scouts can develop their shooting skills while learning safe practices.


Archery Merit Badge

Archery is a fun way for Scouts to exercise minds as well as bodies, developing a steady hand, a good eye, and a disciplined mind. This merit badge can provide a thorough introduction to those who are new to the bow and arrow—but even for the experienced archer, earning the badge can help to increase the understanding and appreciation of archery.


Cub Scout Awards